Pozzuoli: Shopping Center Duino:Burgo paper-mill, new line no. 3 (TS) Mathi canavese:  Bosso (TO) paper-mill Milan: renewal of buildings in Cosenz Street corner with Durando Street Cormano: Cus.Mi.Cor. Building Society -Sirti Cormano: Cus.Mi.Cor. Building Society -Sirti





Maireengineering (TO) Aljubail: carpentry and reinforcements for Inteconnecting Piperack, Sea Water Intake, Discharge Pond, Storage Silos, Sea Water Filters Area, Air Compressors, Drinking Water System, Warehouse, Fire Station.

Maire engineering (TO) – Road deviation in Bernate Ticino: carpentry and bridge in steel and reinforced concrete.

Studio Arch. Gatti (MI) – Carpentry and reinforcement for expansion works of a villa in Cernusco Lombardo.



Maire Engineering (TO) – Entrenched High Velocity Railroad line – Tuscany

MPL– Ingegneria (CR) – Designs of carpentry and reinforcements for the building of a Hotel in Canegrate (VA).

Maire Engineering (TO) – Metallic flying bridge for scaffolding inspection on the SIEVE viaduct. – Tuscany

Comune di Milano (MI) – Building of a steel pedestrian walkway on a road adjacent to the existing railroad bridge.

MPL– Ingegneria (CR) – Building of prefab hangars.



Archingeo (TO) – Tunnel 10x6m L=12.00m for road underpass.

Maire engineering (TO) – Metal soundproof covering on the High Velocity Railway line (H.V.R) – Tuscany .

Extra Vega (MI) – Steel staircase for a Hotel in London .



Anselmi Sistemi (VA) – Metal overhang for the Newspaper Nuova Sardegna – Sardinia .

Archingeo (TO) – 4x4m manhole under H.V.R. line.

Fiat engineering (TO) – Sewer pipe pump chamber ø =1200.

Fai Officine Carvico (BG) – New building for office expansion.



Fiat engineerin g (TO) – 11 Span overpass on A4 highway and H.V.R. line.

Fiat engineering (TO) – 3 Span bridge on the Bendola river.

Comune di Vallecrosia (IM) – Commercial wharf on the Ligurian coast.

Archingeo (TO) – 2.5x2.5m manhole under H.V.R. line.

Archingeo (TO) – 3X2.5m manhole under H.V.R. line.



Autorimessa Micca (MI) – New building project for a multi–level garage.

Coop. Selciatori (MI) – Sewer tunnel's intermedian chambers for Gratosoglio channel.

Fai Officine Carvico (BG) – Protective bunker for Xray machine.

Fiat engineering (TO) – 26 span overpass on A4 freeway and H.V.R.

Fiat engineering (TO) – 3 span steel bridge.

Fiat engineering (TO) – 1 span bridge in reinforced concrete.

Camosi (MI) – Restoration project for private apartment.



Fiat engineering (TO) – Tunnel of the H.V.R. line, south entrance. – Tuscany

Fiat engineering (TO) – Tunnel under H.V.R. line. – Bologna

Fiat engineering (TO) – Sewer pipe pump chamber ø =3000.

Various schools (MI) – Safety plans for 3 schools in Milan .

Violi – Private apartment restoration project in Bruzzano.

Discoteque/bar POW WOW – Consolidation of attic and new floor lay out.



Burgo papermills (TO) – Restructuring of the buffer building – Verzuolo plant.

Fiat engineering (TO) – Tunnel measuring 43x15x6.50m underpassing the Firenze–Bologna H.V.R.line and service tunnel on the road connecting it to the gallery of the H.V.R. line. (2nd phase).

Total Inchiostri (MI) – Reinforced bunker for inks' storage.

R.d.b. (PC) – Reinforced shelving for factory in Valmontana.

Dott. Pisani (CO) – underground garage in Como .



Burgo – Sora – new installation for the biological treatment of drains (Frosinone)

Fiat Engineering – Firenze-Prato underpass – thrust monolith and service tunnel ( Firenze )

MUNICIPALITY of MILANO : framework rebuilding in Via Piatti – works direction

MUNICIPALITY of MILANO : testing under construction of a new main sewer



BURGO – Verzuolo – coater-machine - line 8 (Cuneo)

BURGO – Duino– subsidence in paper-machine , coater-machine – line 3 ( Trieste )

MC PRE-FABRICATED – buildings - Lodi

FAI WORKS ( FAI Officine) – new industrial steel sheds Carvico ( Bergamo )

TOTAL INKS – new inks baking installation (Milano)

DOTT. PISANI – basement garage (Como)

BURGO – works in the Monviso hydro-electric station ( Torino )



CERRUTI 1881 – renewal in Via della Spiga (Milano)

BURGO – Tolmezzo – paper-machine – line 3 (Udine)

BURGO – Verzuolo – paper-machine – line 8 (Cuneo)

BURGO – Verzuolo –brokes-chest tanks small vats ( Cuneo )



CIFA-PROGETTI : precast refrigerant tower for TURBOTECNICA in Boffalora Ticino

BURGO – installations for the production of electric energy from alternative sources (Mantova)

MUNICIPALITY of Milano : preservation and strenghtening of framework in Via Piatti

Vimodrone (Milano) : new Dataconsyst offices



BURGO- Sora : E47 building for new calanders and vari-top (Frosinone)

B.T.T. : study for coal yard in Porto Torres ( Sassari )

CIFA -PROGETTI : precast refrigerant tower for EDISON in Marghera (Venezia)



SIRTI - structural study for the Telecommunications Museum (Milano)

SIRTI – Cormano . “C” building – several storey precast building (Milano)

BURGO – structural study for warehouse in Mantova



BURGO – Duino: E11 building

BURGO – Sora: warehouse for partly finished goods

BURGO – Verzuolo (Cuneo) : vari- top

COSENZ – renewals (Milano)

SIRTI – Cormano : “B” building (Milano)



SNAM Projects – precast pipe rack in IRAQ

SIRTI – “A” building in Cormano (Milano)

SIRTI – new offices in Ancona

PANDORA Real Estate – Piacenza- housing buildings

BURGO – Duino: E7, E9, E13 buildings

BURGO – Chieti : coater-machine building



FFERSCALO – new railway yard in Fiorenza (Milano) – consulting for precast structures

Ronchi dei Legionari AIRPORT – new airport (Trieste)

Burgo paper mill – Duino-Aurisina ( Trieste ) – New L.W.C. line, paper-machine , coater-machine, winders ,and calenders buildings



DACLEASING – new Dataconsyst offices in Vimodrone (Milano)

DEL TIMAVO E DEL SOLE PAPERMILL - new buildings in the Sora (Frosinone) paper mill

SIRTI – Salerno offices renewal

DALMINE Firm – building in Roma

Schools in Rosolino- Torino

For the MORTEO SOPREFIN firm : structural project for schools in Avigliana, Moncalieri , Chieri, Torino



New SIRTI management centre in Cassina de' Pecchi (Milano)

SNAM Projects – Sea Water Intake in Al Jubail ( Iran )

SNAM Projects – Crane beams + rails steel structures in Al Jubail ( Iran )

Ministry of Defense – Hangar in Cameri ( Napoli )

Precast secondary town-school in Melito

PREFILTON – Visp Switzerland – Precast several storey building

P.C. Piacenza – precast and prestressed silos and tanks prototypes



ENEA Frascati – TOKAMAK control room- TOKAMAK (nuclear fusion) building (Roma)

Administrative district centre in Parma – management building

PREMIUM firm settlement in Cuggiono (Milano)

Schiaretti firm building in Aulla (Massa Carrara)

Bridge in the Maggiora area

Redefossi covering in Milano – Via Monte Santo

Metal structure bridges, reinforced concrete piles and abutments for the State Railways in Lodi and Codogno (Milano)

Radiofrequencies and conventional service buildings ENEA (Roma)



Parcel mechanization centre – Napoli

Ricostruzione Shopping Center in Pozzuoli (Napoli)

ENEA Frascati – Alternators Shed ( Roma)

ENEA Frascati – Convertors room (Roma)

Alternators and convertors control room building (Roma)

For Morteo Soprefin:

PRECAL buildings – NATO base in Sigonella – Motta S.Anastasia (Catania)

DASES buildings – NATO base in Sigonella- Motta S:Anastasia ( Catania )

PRECAL buildings for new hospital in Congo



Motorway exit fly-over in Bovisasca (Milano)

Building in Administrative District area in Mestre

ENEA alternators building in Frascati (Roma)

ENEA assembling room building in Frascati (Roma)

Several storey metal structure buildings Italsider- Taranto



Tarantola rice processing establishment in Rosate (Milano)

Nord Warehouses factory in San Martino in Strada ( Lodi )

Building in Administrative District area in Padova

Martesana canal covering in Corso lodi – Milano

Seveso torrent covering – Milano

Industrial building in Chieri ( Torino )

Railway bridge enlargement in Lodi

Railway bridge enlargement in Codogno (Milano)

Bridge in Cal di Masso – Bussoleno Susa (Torino)

ATM warehouse in Cologno Monzese (Milano)



Building in Administrative District area at Molinette ( Torino )

Olona river diverting covering –Bovisa–(Milano)

Bridge in Pontealto – Mondovi'

Bridge in Almese (Torino)

School in Torino

Bridge in the city of Susa ( Torino )

Zoppoli e Pulcher firm building – Torino

Laboratories and offices building at Dalmine in Carrara (Massa Carrara)



Valbormida glass factory in Cairo Montenotte ( Savona )

Drawbridge to the Albarella island ( Rovigo )

La Nicoletta real estate- several storey precast buildings (Milano)

BENFER buildings in Agrate Brianza (Milano)

Various buildings at PHILCO in Ponte San Pietro ( Bergamo )

Building in Livorno for the General Tractor Company

Autofontana Factory in Borgo S. Dalmazzo (Cuneo) – 10.000 square meters



Ambrosiana Tannery in Rho (Milano)

GHISFER factory in Torino

General Tractor Companies factory in Settimo Torinese ( Torino )

PHILCO in Ponte San Pietro – new material warehouse ( Bergamo )

Third and last part of the Ponte delle Milizie bridge on the Naviglio Grande (Milano)

Bridge in Milano, S.Giorgio Street , on the North Railways

Church in Mondovi'

Textile factory in Stabio- Switzerland

Timavo paper-mill "VOITH" coater-machine - Duino Aurisina (Trieste)


Pozzuoli: Shopping Center Duino:Burgo paper-mill, new line no. 3 (TS) Duino:Burgo paper-mill, new line no. 3 (TS) Mathi canavese:  Bosso (TO) paper-mill Cassina de' Pecchi : new Sirti centre Cassina de' Pecchi : new Sirti centre