Pozzuoli: Shopping Center

Pozzuoli: Shopping Center Structural project : P.S.P
The unit is composed by eight buildings, each of them independent from the others. The three linear buildings , made of four floors, cellar included, delimit an internal square and have been entirely made of precast structural elements , except the frames providing lateral stability, built on the spot and rigidly connected with some precast pillars and except the steel cantilevers roof The three octagonal buildings have a metal structure, except the lift-shafts that are made of reinforced concrete. The foundations are on drilled poles , each of 600 mm in diameter. Since the building is placed on a seismic ground , the precast has been suitably planned , not only to face the stresses caused by the earthquake, but also to comply with the current laws, concerning the mutual bonds between precast elements, that are particularly strict in this area . Also, the three steel towers are connected to the contiguous lifts, consequently, the movements caused by the earthquake are equally divided between them , because of their flexion and torsion rigidity . This has made an accurate study of the mutual static and dynamic actions necessary.