Mathi canavese:  Bosso (TO) paper-mill

Mathi canavese: Bosso (TO) paper-mill Layout: Comecart- Milano Structural Project :P.S.P
It is a traditional reinforced concrete structure as far as operating machines level ,made with transverse and longitudinal frames placed on foundation supports and diaphragms. The part raising over the machines floor, is entirely made of steel. This material had to be chosen for the structures since there are considerable level and volume changes of the building in its several parts that have made a reinforced concrete precast not fit for use. These changes have chiefly been demanded by the necessity to adapt the new building to the already existing ones in which it has been inserted. The structures that support the machines that make paper , completely separated from the building's ones and also laid on big diameter poles and on diaphragms, requested a special study on their complete and differential subsidence ,and on the mutual vibrations caused with the machines themselves. The masonry facades made of concrete blocks have been suitably fortified and bound to the structures, considering their differential movements caused by thermic , elastic and viscous phenomenons.