Cormano: Cus.Mi.Cor. Building Society -Sirti

Cormano: Cus.Mi.Cor. Building Society -Sirti New offices unit
Structural project : P.S.P

It is a unit of buildings to be used as a centre for various activities of Sirti. The "A" building has been obtained from a renewal of a unit of one-level industrial sheds with a vaulted covering made of brick with chains to absorb the horizontal thrusts. The covering has been pulled down in one of the sheds in order to build a two-storey construction. This building's structure is divided into two separate parts , the covering lies onto the already existing pillar rows , that have been appropriately strenghtened, while the remaining part of it is constrained to new pillars,circumscribed to the existing ones. These new -built pillars are nevertheless detached from the old ones and lie on their foundations, that do not interfere with the previous ones. The "B" building is also obtained from an already existing building that has been renewed. The "C" building is new .It is a multi-storey building entirely pre-fabricated on direct foundations with continuous inside- out beams. On a side of the building ,these beams are linked to a bulkhead made with a diaphragm of cast in situ panels , fitted to contain the road next to the building.